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Blackberries, not BlackBerry

It’s been much too long since I posted anything, but suffice it to say that I’ve been eating.  Too much.  Eating too much.  Eating too much sugar, to be precise.


Yes, I’m a non-blogging bottomless pit as of late, and so I’ve decided to go refined carbohydrate-free for seven days to get things back to normal.  Has my sweet tooth subsided?  Somewhat, yes.  I find it easier to say N-O to the many muffins and bagels that are set out at work for the pickin’ (and free!) at the 4:00 hour, but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t want something specifically un-savory after dinner.

Take it away, blackberries.  I forgot you existed except as a way to keep me chained to friends/family/work at all hours of the day!


Oh, pretty!

And sorta weird-lookin’!

Saw them at the co-op this week and snatched them up at a good price, despite being past peak season.  They’re organic, to boot.  I’ve mostly been stirring them into my Fage Total 0% yogurt but may try them in a morning smoothie soon.

Want the nutritionals for 1 cup?


High in fiber (a whopping 8 grams!) and high in Vitamin C!  Yay!

Sure, a good portion of calories are from sugars, but yo, those are natural sugars and when paired with the fiber, don’t cause spikes in your glucose levels like, say, that evil Fat-Free Berry-Full Muffin That Waits for Me at 4pm.

(Listen:  a piece of fruit is not a candy bar, Dr. Atkins.)

If I ever get around to pairing blackberrries with savory flavors, I’ll try this.

How do you like your blackberries?



I’m in a pickle

Though I’ve tried canning once and it was all very pretty, the strawberry jam didn’t really taste all that yummy and my fear of botulism was never quite quelled.  I think a few of those jars are still tucked away in my mom’s pantry somewhere.  She doesn’t have the heart to throw ’em out.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and, while at the coop, I spied some lovely Kirby cukes. “Maybe I’ll give that canning another try,” I thought.

Oh, but I’d still have to, like, sterilize everything by boiling the cans in my tiny kitchen and well… let’s just say I’m lazy.  (And maybe still afraid of botulism.) I like the idea of canning — of keeping the flavors of summer around for months — but, well, let’s just say I’m lazy.

My happy medium? I’ll just pickle, using this recipe.  No sterilization!  No stove work, at all!  Sure, I won’t be able to tuck away the pickles for winter, but that’s fine.  Sure, it’s not canning, but that’s fine.  It kinda looks like canning.  Think of this as more of a two-week science project.  I merely wanted to see  if I could actually turn those cutie cucumbers into something piquant that would pair well with my mock meat and soy cheese sandwiches.

(Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but bear with me.)

Here’s the mason (actually, an old well-known brand of pasta sauce) jar…


Obviously straight out of the fridge and out into the humid Brooklyn air.  Note that condensation!


And some arty shots of the finished product…





Next time I’ll use less sugar, as I prefer my pickles extra-tart and spicy and garlicky, but it was a good go ’round.  I’ve considered pickling green beans or okra next to use as accoutrement for a good ol’ Bloody Mary.

So, yes.  Try this yourself.  You’ll feel just like a modern-day Laura Ingalls.  Promise.


Tra la la

The day started with a watery smoothie.

Nothing is less appealing than a watery smoothie, no?  Ughhh.

Still, kinda pretty.


(1 T. soy protein powder, 1 c. unsweetened (not vanilla!) almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 c. frozen mixed berries, 1 T. oat bran, 1 squirt agave nectar, a few ice cubes, a cup or more of water — if only because nothing seemed to be mixing well.  Tomorrow?  No water.  That blender will just have to earn its keep!)


See?  Ice.  I need a new blender.  If you’d like to buy me a Vita-Mix, I won’t grumble.

And then it was a Larabar for that mid-day snack, prior to Pilates.  It was necessary, because that dang icy smoothie didn’t fill me up worth a darn.


Went to Pilates.  Good good good.  Didn’t sweat much, though, and so maybe I didn’t really WORK OUT.  I usually sweat watching television, so the lack of sweat worries me.

Gobbled my vit-a-mins.


Ate my lunch.  (Whole wheat sandwich thins, Dr. P’s Cali Burger, organic green leaf lettuce, Sriracha, spicy mustard.)


Oh, and these.


And then at 4pm-ish, I had some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, pretending that it was a big o’ sandwich.


On the way to the train after work, I passed Bryant Park, where individuals were engaging in some FREE YOGA.

What follows is some of my favorite pictures of individuals engaging in free yoga, like, EVER.





(Especially Mr. I’ll Take A Nap, Ladies, While You Work Out.)

Heading home on the B train.


Now waiting for the Q.


Oh, here it comes.


My neighborhood.  (Yeah, my Brooklyn actually does look like Athens, GA / Main Street USA.  Nice, right?)





See y’all tomorrow!


Playing catsup

You know what this blog needs?  This blog needs more pitch-yaahss.  Yes, indeed.

My lunch yesterday was a Dr. Praeger’s California Burger wrap, but I had to tote said burger separately, mais oui, so that I could heat it up without wilting the greens.  Peep the construction the night before:

Sriracha and spicy mustard with Parm on a multi-grain tortilla!


Romaine and baby spinach!


Mmmm!  Greens!


Honestly, the Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie held me over for hours, so I didn’t eat the sucker ’til around 2pm-ish.  Had some coffee and tucked away an apple for later.


Seriously “Office Space”, no?

Today I treated myself to some cherries from the coop (yes, I’m finally a member!), my first sugar plum from the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, and a deeeeeeeeelicious scoop of Jamaican Grape Nut ice cream on a sugar cone from Bittersweet.  I mean, hey!  I walked to the gym, powered through an hour of Total Body Conditioning, and walked to Ft. Greene, so…



Yes, it was deserved.

Oh oh oh!  But before all of that (but after the grueling yet satisfying gym workout), I met my ol’ pal Rippy for brunch at Moim in Park Slope.

Eh, wait.  It wasn’t really brunch.  It was LUNCH.  (Brunch implies imbibing in a Bloody for me, something I do less often now, I s’pose.)  But, anyhoooo, I ordered kimchee rice with tofu and salad.


It was — how do you say? — just okay.  The tofu was silken and fried tempura-style.  Would have been better if firm and stir-fried until golden.  And four pieces of silken tofu for $1?  Seriously?  Seriously?

We finished the afternoon off at the Brooklyn Flea, and please do notice that I am still in gym attire with gym hair, while Rippy looks on with that stoic Rippy pose.


Must go to Flea again, but with deeper pockets and emptier stomach.

Check out these babies, please.  (Would certainly put that kimchee rice dish to shame, y’know?)


And this menu from this vendor!


Not sure what tonight brings.  Perhaps a drink or two in the ‘hood.  Perhaps an early bedtime, as I have my second weekend trip to the gym (yoga!  yay!) in the morn.

(Incidentally, I spotted a certain judge from the Next Food Network Star at the gym this morning, and while I wanted to inquire as to the results of tomorrow’s next week’s finale, I simply just tried not to stare.)

Hope your Saturday night brings rollickin’ trouble, kids.


And in the beginning…

I skipped yoga tonight.

I skipped yoga tonight and came home and started a healthy living blog.  What does that tell you?

To be honest, I did 45 minutes of Step & Sculpt at lunch today, so I thought I’d give myself a bit of a pass.

  • Breakfast was a delicious bowl of overnight oats, coconut, cinnamon, raisins, agave, and almond milk.
  • Lunch?  A homemade seitan sandwich with romaine, spicy mustard, and Sriracha.
  • Snacks included a Light & Fit yogurt in Cherry Vanilla topped with wild blueberry flax granola, a homemade soft oatmeal bar, and a juicy Pink Lady apple.
  • Dinner?  More seitan, but this time stir-fried with zucchini, yellow squash, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and (mmmm!) kale, topped with Thai chile sauce.
  • Dessert was a bowl of red seedless grapes, covered generously with a handful of ricotta salata and sliced almonds.

So, yeah, I skipped yoga tonight, but I ate yumminess throughout the day and sweat most of my stress away and started a blog and I feel fine.

(Oh, and photos will arrive eventually.  Promise.)