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Bon appetit!

Thanks to my trivia prowess, I won tickets from from this fabulous site, I was able to see the sneak of “Julie & Julia” last night — and was able to bring a friend, to boot!


Loved it. 

Meryl Streep was spot-on as Julia Child.  Talk about a charmer!  I think I’ll finally crack open her biography that was given to me as a gift over a year ago.  And boy, did I understood Julie Powell’s malaise.  I left the theater thinking about what I could passionately tackle to get me out of my current funk.  (I won’t bother you, dear reader, with explaining that.) 

If only I had someone to cook for every single night!  If I tackled a project like hers, I’d gain at least 30 pounds right out of the gate.


I’m in a pickle

Though I’ve tried canning once and it was all very pretty, the strawberry jam didn’t really taste all that yummy and my fear of botulism was never quite quelled.  I think a few of those jars are still tucked away in my mom’s pantry somewhere.  She doesn’t have the heart to throw ’em out.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and, while at the coop, I spied some lovely Kirby cukes. “Maybe I’ll give that canning another try,” I thought.

Oh, but I’d still have to, like, sterilize everything by boiling the cans in my tiny kitchen and well… let’s just say I’m lazy.  (And maybe still afraid of botulism.) I like the idea of canning — of keeping the flavors of summer around for months — but, well, let’s just say I’m lazy.

My happy medium? I’ll just pickle, using this recipe.  No sterilization!  No stove work, at all!  Sure, I won’t be able to tuck away the pickles for winter, but that’s fine.  Sure, it’s not canning, but that’s fine.  It kinda looks like canning.  Think of this as more of a two-week science project.  I merely wanted to see  if I could actually turn those cutie cucumbers into something piquant that would pair well with my mock meat and soy cheese sandwiches.

(Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but bear with me.)

Here’s the mason (actually, an old well-known brand of pasta sauce) jar…


Obviously straight out of the fridge and out into the humid Brooklyn air.  Note that condensation!


And some arty shots of the finished product…





Next time I’ll use less sugar, as I prefer my pickles extra-tart and spicy and garlicky, but it was a good go ’round.  I’ve considered pickling green beans or okra next to use as accoutrement for a good ol’ Bloody Mary.

So, yes.  Try this yourself.  You’ll feel just like a modern-day Laura Ingalls.  Promise.


What is healthy?

“Healthy” doesn’t always mean oats-and-greens-and-gym-repeat.

Sometimes “healthy” means hanging with your girlfriends at an Irish pub at 5:30 PM after escaping a brutal NYC rainstorm.



(Sadly not pictured:  said girlfriends.)

Yes, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is imbibe in a glass or two of wine and have fabulous conversation and feel terribly grateful that you have such good souls in your life.

Now, onto another blessing:  tofu.

Since my time in Athens, GA, I have prepared tofu relatively the same delicious way:  the Grit way.  Or, should I say, the modified Grit way, as I don’t double-fry or even, really, “fry” at all.  I do, however, use the two magical ingredients that, together, will transform your mild-mannered soy into Something Wonderful.

What are those two ingredients, you ask?



Start with a block of cubed firm or extra-firm tofu.  (I prefer Fresh Tofu, Inc., for which I pay less than $1.50 at the coop.)


Saute in a non-stick pan with a bit of spray olive oil, if you desire.  Push around until it firms up and becomes a bit golden.

Add the tamari.



Get it all brown and yummy.  You’re almost there.

Add the final (and most essential) ingredient:  the nutritional yeast.



Toss until it’s covered and nutty and cheesy and um, umami-y.

That’s it!

Now, go for it.  Sprinkle on everything under the sun.  Mix with veggies.  Stuff into a pita.  Use as a scramble with soysage.  Pop into your mouth like popcorn.  Top with salsa or Sriracha or gravy or cheese.  Tonight I’ll stuff a sweet potato with a mix of the tofu and some black beans and serve with a whole mess o’ veggies on the side.   (I’m also not opposed to just piling everything into a bowl and digging in.)

How do you like your tofu?



Playing catsup

You know what this blog needs?  This blog needs more pitch-yaahss.  Yes, indeed.

My lunch yesterday was a Dr. Praeger’s California Burger wrap, but I had to tote said burger separately, mais oui, so that I could heat it up without wilting the greens.  Peep the construction the night before:

Sriracha and spicy mustard with Parm on a multi-grain tortilla!


Romaine and baby spinach!


Mmmm!  Greens!


Honestly, the Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie held me over for hours, so I didn’t eat the sucker ’til around 2pm-ish.  Had some coffee and tucked away an apple for later.


Seriously “Office Space”, no?

Today I treated myself to some cherries from the coop (yes, I’m finally a member!), my first sugar plum from the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, and a deeeeeeeeelicious scoop of Jamaican Grape Nut ice cream on a sugar cone from Bittersweet.  I mean, hey!  I walked to the gym, powered through an hour of Total Body Conditioning, and walked to Ft. Greene, so…



Yes, it was deserved.

Oh oh oh!  But before all of that (but after the grueling yet satisfying gym workout), I met my ol’ pal Rippy for brunch at Moim in Park Slope.

Eh, wait.  It wasn’t really brunch.  It was LUNCH.  (Brunch implies imbibing in a Bloody for me, something I do less often now, I s’pose.)  But, anyhoooo, I ordered kimchee rice with tofu and salad.


It was — how do you say? — just okay.  The tofu was silken and fried tempura-style.  Would have been better if firm and stir-fried until golden.  And four pieces of silken tofu for $1?  Seriously?  Seriously?

We finished the afternoon off at the Brooklyn Flea, and please do notice that I am still in gym attire with gym hair, while Rippy looks on with that stoic Rippy pose.


Must go to Flea again, but with deeper pockets and emptier stomach.

Check out these babies, please.  (Would certainly put that kimchee rice dish to shame, y’know?)


And this menu from this vendor!


Not sure what tonight brings.  Perhaps a drink or two in the ‘hood.  Perhaps an early bedtime, as I have my second weekend trip to the gym (yoga!  yay!) in the morn.

(Incidentally, I spotted a certain judge from the Next Food Network Star at the gym this morning, and while I wanted to inquire as to the results of tomorrow’s next week’s finale, I simply just tried not to stare.)

Hope your Saturday night brings rollickin’ trouble, kids.