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One of my favorite things about Sunday is actually having the time to plan and cook meals for the week.  Today, after an hour of weight training and an hour of yoga at the gym (my first time there in a week!), I hit the co-op and noticed these pretty peppers…


Remembering that I had some frozen black-eyed peas still lurking in the back of my freezer from a month ago, I was inspired to stuff the peppers with the peas.  My first thought was to also buy some soysage, cajun seasoning, and kale or collard greens to make a creole-flavored dish, but truth be told, I spotted Follow Your Heart vegan soy cheese at a low price, whose package proudly claimed “It Melts!”

(Now, most vegan cheese doesn’t melt.  Why not?  Because it doesn’t include something called casein, a milk protein that makes your average soy cheese ooey and gooey.  I figured this stuff wouldn’t melt, either, but I was willing to try it out.)

((Spoiler alert:  it doesn’t melt.))

Oh, and I spied this lovely organic cilantro, which begged to be chopped…


…and so, I decided to pair the black-eyed peas with chile powder, cumin, salt, roasted garlic salsa, mix in the cilantro and top with the cheese.  While I’d usually use black or pinto beans for this dish, it was an easy way to try something unexpected.

The peppers are ready to be blanched and stuffed!


The peppers are ready to be baked!


I baked ’em at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and then topped each half with a slice of the cheese.  I baked the dish for about 10 minutes more, determined to get that cheese to melt.

IMG_0263Nope.  Didn’t melt.

I do declare, however, that these shall be perfect for dinner tonight and to bring to work for lunch a few times this week!

Now, how do you stuff your veggies?  And do you have a favorite soy cheese?



What is healthy?

“Healthy” doesn’t always mean oats-and-greens-and-gym-repeat.

Sometimes “healthy” means hanging with your girlfriends at an Irish pub at 5:30 PM after escaping a brutal NYC rainstorm.



(Sadly not pictured:  said girlfriends.)

Yes, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is imbibe in a glass or two of wine and have fabulous conversation and feel terribly grateful that you have such good souls in your life.

Now, onto another blessing:  tofu.

Since my time in Athens, GA, I have prepared tofu relatively the same delicious way:  the Grit way.  Or, should I say, the modified Grit way, as I don’t double-fry or even, really, “fry” at all.  I do, however, use the two magical ingredients that, together, will transform your mild-mannered soy into Something Wonderful.

What are those two ingredients, you ask?



Start with a block of cubed firm or extra-firm tofu.  (I prefer Fresh Tofu, Inc., for which I pay less than $1.50 at the coop.)


Saute in a non-stick pan with a bit of spray olive oil, if you desire.  Push around until it firms up and becomes a bit golden.

Add the tamari.



Get it all brown and yummy.  You’re almost there.

Add the final (and most essential) ingredient:  the nutritional yeast.



Toss until it’s covered and nutty and cheesy and um, umami-y.

That’s it!

Now, go for it.  Sprinkle on everything under the sun.  Mix with veggies.  Stuff into a pita.  Use as a scramble with soysage.  Pop into your mouth like popcorn.  Top with salsa or Sriracha or gravy or cheese.  Tonight I’ll stuff a sweet potato with a mix of the tofu and some black beans and serve with a whole mess o’ veggies on the side.   (I’m also not opposed to just piling everything into a bowl and digging in.)

How do you like your tofu?



And in the beginning…

I skipped yoga tonight.

I skipped yoga tonight and came home and started a healthy living blog.  What does that tell you?

To be honest, I did 45 minutes of Step & Sculpt at lunch today, so I thought I’d give myself a bit of a pass.

  • Breakfast was a delicious bowl of overnight oats, coconut, cinnamon, raisins, agave, and almond milk.
  • Lunch?  A homemade seitan sandwich with romaine, spicy mustard, and Sriracha.
  • Snacks included a Light & Fit yogurt in Cherry Vanilla topped with wild blueberry flax granola, a homemade soft oatmeal bar, and a juicy Pink Lady apple.
  • Dinner?  More seitan, but this time stir-fried with zucchini, yellow squash, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and (mmmm!) kale, topped with Thai chile sauce.
  • Dessert was a bowl of red seedless grapes, covered generously with a handful of ricotta salata and sliced almonds.

So, yeah, I skipped yoga tonight, but I ate yumminess throughout the day and sweat most of my stress away and started a blog and I feel fine.

(Oh, and photos will arrive eventually.  Promise.)