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I’m in a pickle

Though I’ve tried canning once and it was all very pretty, the strawberry jam didn’t really taste all that yummy and my fear of botulism was never quite quelled.  I think a few of those jars are still tucked away in my mom’s pantry somewhere.  She doesn’t have the heart to throw ’em out.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and, while at the coop, I spied some lovely Kirby cukes. “Maybe I’ll give that canning another try,” I thought.

Oh, but I’d still have to, like, sterilize everything by boiling the cans in my tiny kitchen and well… let’s just say I’m lazy.  (And maybe still afraid of botulism.) I like the idea of canning — of keeping the flavors of summer around for months — but, well, let’s just say I’m lazy.

My happy medium? I’ll just pickle, using this recipe.  No sterilization!  No stove work, at all!  Sure, I won’t be able to tuck away the pickles for winter, but that’s fine.  Sure, it’s not canning, but that’s fine.  It kinda looks like canning.  Think of this as more of a two-week science project.  I merely wanted to see  if I could actually turn those cutie cucumbers into something piquant that would pair well with my mock meat and soy cheese sandwiches.

(Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but bear with me.)

Here’s the mason (actually, an old well-known brand of pasta sauce) jar…


Obviously straight out of the fridge and out into the humid Brooklyn air.  Note that condensation!


And some arty shots of the finished product…





Next time I’ll use less sugar, as I prefer my pickles extra-tart and spicy and garlicky, but it was a good go ’round.  I’ve considered pickling green beans or okra next to use as accoutrement for a good ol’ Bloody Mary.

So, yes.  Try this yourself.  You’ll feel just like a modern-day Laura Ingalls.  Promise.