Pee Chee

I spied some gorgeous peaches at the co-op the other day and suddenly remembered that tomorrow brings a) an employee’s birthday and b) another employee’s farewell soiree AND I had promised my staff that I would bring something sweet.  Rather than bake a cake (expected, boring), I felt inspired to use that luscious fruit in something simple.

Like a tart.


Using this as a bit of a guide, and instead of making a free-form galette, I lined my 11″ round tart pan with defrosted puff pastry.  Slathered some peach preserves on top.  Sliced up five ripe, juicy peaches.  Made a pretty spiral pattern.  Brushed the whole impressive mess with Earth Balance and sprinkled with raw sugar.  Into the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes it went.





(And here’s another shot, just because.)




3 responses to “Pee Chee

  1. That looks gorgeous! and mouth watering, and juicy!

  2. looks gorgeous! May I nibble…. 😉

  3. You may! But you missed it!

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