Bon appetit!

Thanks to my trivia prowess, I won tickets from from this fabulous site, I was able to see the sneak of “Julie & Julia” last night — and was able to bring a friend, to boot!


Loved it. 

Meryl Streep was spot-on as Julia Child.  Talk about a charmer!  I think I’ll finally crack open her biography that was given to me as a gift over a year ago.  And boy, did I understood Julie Powell’s malaise.  I left the theater thinking about what I could passionately tackle to get me out of my current funk.  (I won’t bother you, dear reader, with explaining that.) 

If only I had someone to cook for every single night!  If I tackled a project like hers, I’d gain at least 30 pounds right out of the gate.


2 responses to “Bon appetit!

  1. i want to see this movie very much as well! Glad to see a female chef being honored in a mainstream film. Love Julia! So full of life and energy.

  2. Agreed! This movie made me even more inspired to learn more about Julia and her fascinating life.

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