Tra la la

The day started with a watery smoothie.

Nothing is less appealing than a watery smoothie, no?  Ughhh.

Still, kinda pretty.


(1 T. soy protein powder, 1 c. unsweetened (not vanilla!) almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 c. frozen mixed berries, 1 T. oat bran, 1 squirt agave nectar, a few ice cubes, a cup or more of water — if only because nothing seemed to be mixing well.  Tomorrow?  No water.  That blender will just have to earn its keep!)


See?  Ice.  I need a new blender.  If you’d like to buy me a Vita-Mix, I won’t grumble.

And then it was a Larabar for that mid-day snack, prior to Pilates.  It was necessary, because that dang icy smoothie didn’t fill me up worth a darn.


Went to Pilates.  Good good good.  Didn’t sweat much, though, and so maybe I didn’t really WORK OUT.  I usually sweat watching television, so the lack of sweat worries me.

Gobbled my vit-a-mins.


Ate my lunch.  (Whole wheat sandwich thins, Dr. P’s Cali Burger, organic green leaf lettuce, Sriracha, spicy mustard.)


Oh, and these.


And then at 4pm-ish, I had some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, pretending that it was a big o’ sandwich.


On the way to the train after work, I passed Bryant Park, where individuals were engaging in some FREE YOGA.

What follows is some of my favorite pictures of individuals engaging in free yoga, like, EVER.





(Especially Mr. I’ll Take A Nap, Ladies, While You Work Out.)

Heading home on the B train.


Now waiting for the Q.


Oh, here it comes.


My neighborhood.  (Yeah, my Brooklyn actually does look like Athens, GA / Main Street USA.  Nice, right?)





See y’all tomorrow!



7 responses to “Tra la la

  1. where the heck do you live in brooklyn? looks so amazing.

  2. Hi Jaime!

    I live in Kensington, right on the border of Ditmas Park/Victorian Flatbush. Yes, it is amazing! It’s the closest thing to non-NYC I’ve found in NYC.

  3. Larabars are my favorite!

  4. HAHAHA those yoga photo’s are the funniest thing I have seen!! Awesome

  5. Debra, I LOVE Larabars. I have a new favorite flavor: Peanut Butter & Jelly. Have you tried it yet?

    Nicole: Thank you! I agree: hilarious. 🙂

    Thank you both for writing!

  6. Ahh, do you live in Ditmas? We’re neighbors! Let me know if you found the chia seeds.

    As for blenders – hoof it to the new JC Penney’s and get their version of the bullet. It’s $30 and they have all these coupons out since they just opened. Seriously. I just got one.

  7. Hi Tina!

    I live in Kensington, so, yes, we are neighbors! Still on the hunt for those chia seeds.

    Thanks for the tip re: blenders. Where is the new JC Penney’s?!

    (Must. Get. New. Blender.)

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