What is healthy?

“Healthy” doesn’t always mean oats-and-greens-and-gym-repeat.

Sometimes “healthy” means hanging with your girlfriends at an Irish pub at 5:30 PM after escaping a brutal NYC rainstorm.



(Sadly not pictured:  said girlfriends.)

Yes, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is imbibe in a glass or two of wine and have fabulous conversation and feel terribly grateful that you have such good souls in your life.

Now, onto another blessing:  tofu.

Since my time in Athens, GA, I have prepared tofu relatively the same delicious way:  the Grit way.  Or, should I say, the modified Grit way, as I don’t double-fry or even, really, “fry” at all.  I do, however, use the two magical ingredients that, together, will transform your mild-mannered soy into Something Wonderful.

What are those two ingredients, you ask?



Start with a block of cubed firm or extra-firm tofu.  (I prefer Fresh Tofu, Inc., for which I pay less than $1.50 at the coop.)


Saute in a non-stick pan with a bit of spray olive oil, if you desire.  Push around until it firms up and becomes a bit golden.

Add the tamari.



Get it all brown and yummy.  You’re almost there.

Add the final (and most essential) ingredient:  the nutritional yeast.



Toss until it’s covered and nutty and cheesy and um, umami-y.

That’s it!

Now, go for it.  Sprinkle on everything under the sun.  Mix with veggies.  Stuff into a pita.  Use as a scramble with soysage.  Pop into your mouth like popcorn.  Top with salsa or Sriracha or gravy or cheese.  Tonight I’ll stuff a sweet potato with a mix of the tofu and some black beans and serve with a whole mess o’ veggies on the side.   (I’m also not opposed to just piling everything into a bowl and digging in.)

How do you like your tofu?




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