3500 calories

Four days of weight lifting, a bit of step aerobics, 6o minutes of yoga, tons of walking, plenty of green veggies, relatively no alcohol, and what do I discover this Monday morning?

A pound of weight gain


Sure, it could be water weight or muscle mass or blah blah blahbiddy blah, but still?  Really?  And on a Monday, to boot?  Maybe I should have rethought that yummy brown rice crispy treat and/or the Jamaican Grape Nut on a cone?

Heading to the gym tonight for TBC.  I’ll attempt to make-like-a-tourist and snap a few exterior shots for you, as one of the gyms I frequent is in the heart of Times Square.  I call it The Hidden Gym (because it’s tucked inside a hotel) despite the humunghuge sign advertising it on the outside. 

Breakfast was another Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie (this time vanilla-flavored), but I do believe I’m all tuckered out on those thangs.  Need to mix it up. 

Need Overnight Oats.

See you soon.



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