Didn’t skip yoga today.  Nope.  Went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, woke up, guzzled down another Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie (this time cherry-flavored!) and got to class early.

Unfortunately, our teacher, Veronica, seemed a bit off today.  We did a series of one-legged dog, moving to modified one-legged chataranga poses, and back to one-legged dog on the right side, but she neglected to move us through the poses on the left side.  We did a series of shoulder stands, moving to plough, and back to shoulder stand, but no fish pose to even things out.  Savasana was at least seven minutes long, and while you won’t hear me complaining about that, it just seemed excessive.  STILL, glad I made it.  ‘Twas an excellent way to start my Sunday.

Note:  heading to yoga today marks five trips to the gym this week, meeting my personal goal.  Together with my good friend, Diana, I had set a number of objectives for the week:

  1. One 20-ounce bottle of water consumed daily
  2. One serving of vegetables consumed daily
  3. One multi-vitamin consumed daily
  4. Five trips to gym weekly

Happy to say I met or exceeded all of them.  How to celebrate?  How ’bout one of these!


Agave-sweetened brown rice crispy treat with cashew butter and chocolate!  I ate half and took the other half home for later.

Where did I find such a treat?  At one of my new faves, the V Spot in Park Slope.  100% Vegan.  Unlimited mimosas (I decided to skip those but my pal, Rippy, enjoyed ’em for me!).  Burgers, wraps, panini, brunch foods, raw options, organic juices.  The works.  I had an iced coffee with soy milk and this lovely breakfast burrito wrap:


It contained their house-made tofu scramble, black beans, soy cheese, soy sour cream, guacamole, and lots of veggies.  The salad was not dressed — which I preferred, actually.  I gobbled it all up quickly.

Just another beautiful Brooklyn day from the backyard dining patio.


After parting ways with Rippy, I braved Marshall’s at the Atlantic Center and picked up a Misto and a Diet Coke.  (Trying to get away from whatever comes in those cans of non-stick spray, thankyouverymuch.)

Now my only priority is to cool off after spending the afternoon in the heat.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!



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